The Band

Jimmy Pop Ali (vocals, samples)
Lupus (guitar, vocals)
Evil Jared (bass, vocals)
DJ Q-Ball (turntables, vocals)
Spanky G (drums)

The History

After one listen to One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic/Geffen), it becomes clear the Bloodhound Gang have no reason to live. But, they like it that way. Comprised of five suburban jedis, the Bloodhound Gang is fronted by singer/songwriter/sampler/sequencer/mixer/producer/title hog Jimmy Pop. Jimmy Pop also co-writes the music videos, hence why they're so dumb. Besides being a member of the Bloodhound Gang, Jimmy Pop also writes regularly for New York based POPsmear Magazine. Lupus is the devil-worshipping, head-banging, flying-V, ax-man. Besides being the guitarist for the Bloodhound Gang, Lupus also created and maintains the Bloodhound Gang Artificial Cerebral Palsy Home Page and compiles and edits the Bloodhound Gang Hate Club Hate Chronicle. He also has a solo record coming out in 1998 with his all-star band, 47 Chromosomes. Evil Jared is the bassist for the Bloodhound Gang. If Rowdy Roddy Piper, Lee Majors and Dee Dee Ramone could somehow fornicate and produce offspring, it would be really vile to watch. But, it would also spawn Evil Jared. Evil Jared also sings and plays in the band, Vaginal Bloodphart, which will also be releasing a record towards the end of 1998. Spanky G is very little. When not playing drums in the Bloodhound Gang, he, "hits the green tea visions via the dank cza-cza ruffage" and gets physically (Evil Jared), mentally (Lupus), and sexually (Jimmy Pop) abused by his bandmates. D.J. Q-Ball also names 'Spanky G' as one of his favorite hobbies. When not doing that, he's cutting it up on his Technic 1200s for the Bloodhound Gang and guest deejaying at clubs throughout the country in the hopes of, "gizettin' zum butt fo finga-bangin' ass dude." Needless to say, D.J. Q-Ball is a card-carrying wigger.

Drawing thoroughly on his vast repository of American popular culture knowledge and his affinity for low-brow humor, Jimmy Pop's lyrics are one-half wit and one-half half-witted. Jimmy Pop's so-called lyrics also produce the continuity between the twelve so-called songs on One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic/Geffen). His bandmates supply music that is diverse, to say the least. Sampling and live instruments combine to create music that is reminiscent of everything from Weezer to Wham to the Wu-Tang Clan.

"We started playing as a joke," says Jimmy Pop. "We were basically a Depeche Mode cover band. We grew up with the guys from God Lives Underwater so they taught us how to use MIDI equipment. Basically, they showed us how to use the samplers, and we showed them how to light their own farts. It seemed like a fair trade." Since none of the clubs in Philadelphia would book the Bloodhound Gang in the early days (Philadelphia club owners had this silly notion about attracting patrons) they played at Evil Jared's house just about every other weekend. That lasted until one evening when the first floor caved into the basement. In search of a new stomping ground, the Bloodhound Gang, began performing at world-famous C.B.G.B.s every couple of weeks. When asked about their tenure at the legendary venue, Jimmy Pop was quoted as saying, "I've seen cavemen with better clubs."

That was in 1993. The band went on to produce a couple of demos, "Just Another Demo" and "The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To Hitler's Handicapped Helpers" which eventually led to the 1994 EP Dingleberry Haze (Cheese Factory) and 1995's Use Your Fingers (Sony/Columbia/Underdog/Cheese Factory).

After Use Your Fingers (Sony/Columbia/Underdog/Cheese Factory) failed miserably, the original Bloodhound Gang disbanded, leaving Jimmy and Lupus, who'd manned the "wheels of steel" on Use Your Fingers (Sony/Columbia/Underdog/Cheese Factory), alone to meet tour obligations. So in the fall of 1995, Jimmy Pop called on his friend Evil Jared who he met at Temple University; from where Evil Jared had recieved a degree in Business and Jimmy Pop had recieved a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in History. Having just graduated, Evil Jared was spending his days "downing sixes of Milwaukee's Beast, watching the Duke Boys and fraudulently collecting unemployment" so he was willing and able to do back-up vocals and entertain Bloodhound Gang crowds. Evil Jared's vision of 'entertainment' included eating live mice on-stage and allowing audience members to throw darts into his back for a prize. After the tour, Jimmy Pop, Lupus and Evil Jared continued to play poorly together. Spanky G, who was Evil Jared's colleague in Vaginal Bloodphart, joined the resurgent Bloodhound Gang soon after. D.J. Q-Ball joined after being recommended by his cousin, a Kinko's customer service representative, who just happened to take the Bloodhound Gang's passport photos prior to a French tour in 1995.

One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic/Geffen) was recorded, engineered, mixed, and edited by Richard Gavalis from mid-February to mid-April 1996 at Royersford, Pennsylvania's subterranean Dome Sound Studios. "I had D.J. Q-Ball, Spanky G and Evil Jared lay down their respective parts," says Jimmy Pop, "and then Lupus and I spent two months finishing the record. When I was recording vocals, Lupus was making our nightly dinner of Velvetta cheese garlic burgers, Kraft Mac N' Cheese and unsweetened iced tea. When he was recording his guitar tracks, I was on-line looking for pictures of women pooping on each other."

One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic) was released on Republic Records in September of 1996. Because of plain ol' dumb luck and Jimmy Pop's ability to give frothy hummers, "Fire Water Burn" became the number one most requested song in the country (to date it has gone gold in Norway, Sweden, and Australia and platinum in New Zealand with the album itself going platinum in New Zeland and gold in Denmark..."Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?" has gone gold in New Zealand). This started a bidding war among major record labels. Initially, the Bloodhound Gang had agreed to sign with Madonna's label Maverick. The very next day, Geffen A&R reps Wendy Goldstein and Cali DeWitt; (best known for his transvestial appearance on the face of Nirvana's "In Utero" C.D.), called offering a much more substantial amount of capital and artistic freedom. In other words, Spanky G would have more cashito to buy herb and Jimmy Pop could continue singing ditties about terds over Meco disco loops and Slayer power chords. Geffen then worked out an agreement with Republic Records to re-release One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic/Geffen), minus a hidden track and the not-for-everyone love song, "Yellow Fever," which Jimmy says will appear on the vinyl version of One Fierce Beer Coaster (Republic), as a 7-inch, and also on a future E.P.

The Bloodhound Gang have performed with such notable acts as AC/DC, Apocalyptica, Artificial Joy Club, Ash, Beck, Ben Folds Five, Better Than Ezra, Blink 182, Blur, Tracy Bonham, Brandy, Buck O' Nine, Bullyrag, Bush, Cake, Catherine Wheel, George Clinton And The P-Funk All-Stars, Cowboy Mouth, Crash Test Dummies, Creed, Danzig, Descendents, Devo, Die Krupps, Dinosaur Jr., Dogstar, Eels, Entombed, Everclear, The Exploited, F.A.B., Faith No More, Fantastische Vier, Far, Fischmob, Fun Lovin' Criminals, G. Love And The Special Sauce, Garbage, Goldfinger, Gravity Kills, Guano Apes, G.W.A.R., Heinz, Isabelle's Gift, Jackyl, Jane Jensen, Jewel, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Montell Jordan, K's Choice, Korn, L7, Leah Andreone, Lemonheads, Limp Bizkit, Local H, Lordz Of Brooklyn, Marilyn Manson, Matchbox 20, Mazzy Star, Metallica, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Millencolin, Moby, Mucky Pup, Naughty By Nature, Nerf Herder, Nixons, Offspring, Pennywise, Linda Perry, Pharcyde, Phunk Junkeez, Poe, Iggy Pop, Presidents of the United States of America, Puzzle Gut, Radish, Rammstein, Republica, Redman, Reef, Reel Big Fish, Reverend Horton Heat, Rollins Band, Save Ferris, Sebadoh, Sevendust, 7 Mary Three, Sick Of It All, Skee-Lo, Slipknot, Smashmouth, Sneaker Pimps, Jill Sobule, Social Distortion, Sponge, Stabbing Westward, Subrosa, Sugar Ray, Suicidal Tendencies, that DOG, Toasters, Tonic, 22 Jacks, The Urge, Veruca Salt, Violent Femmes, Wallflowers, Weezer, Weston, Wilco, and Why Store. The Bloodhound Gang are scheduled to take their "One Fierce Beer Run" tour around the world several times throughout 1997.

1998 will bring the release a home video documenting the last two years of the Bloodhound Gang's illustrious career called "One Fierce Beer Run" (it will include the videos, lots of live and backstage stupidity, and videos made exclusively for the home video), a songbook for all of you who can't figure out our mongoloid-esque chord progressions, and another full-length record to be released late summer. 1999 will bring 'Leftovers', an E.P. of tracks that were either previously unreleased by Republic, banned by Geffen, or written specifically for other projects,

But even more important than Bloodhound Gang's mission to entertain is their sworn oath to offend all. Jimmy explains, "We try to hurt everyone's feelings; it makes us feel better about ourselves."

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