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Me And A Gun Me And A Gun

Released in the UK and Germany
Silent All These Years Silent All These Years

Silent All These Years and Me And A Gun were packaged just the same except for the title. In the UK it also included, “Upside Down”, “Me and A Gun”, and “Thoughts”. 
China China

This single included the B-Sides, “Sugar”, “Flying Dutchman”, and “Humpty Dumpty”.
Crucify Crucify

This single included a remixed version of “Crucify”, the b-side “Winter”, plus covers “Angie”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and “Thank You”.
Winter Winter

The Winter single included tracks, “The Pool”, “Take to the Sky”, and “Sweet Dreams”.  In the UK, it was released in two parts.
Cornflake Girl Cornflake Girl

Cornflake girl was released in two parts in the UK.  Part one included, “Sister Janet”, and the Piano Suite, “All The Girls Hate Her”, and “Over It”.  Part two included, “A Case Of You”, “If 6 was 9”, and “Strange Fruit”.
God God

God was released in the US and included, “Home On The Range (Cherokee Edition)”, and the Piano Suite, “All The Girls Hate Her”, and “Over It”.  When released in the UK it included three mixes, “The Dharma Kaya Mix”, “The Rainforest Resort Mix”, and “The Thinking Mix”.
Pretty Good Year Pretty Good Year

Released in two parts in the UK.  Part one included, “Home on the Range (Cherokee Edition)” and “Daisy Dead Petals”.  Part two included, “Honey”, and “Black Swan”.
Past The Mission Past The Mission

This single was also released in two parts in the UK.  Part one included, “Upside Down (live)”, “Icicle (live)”, and “Flying Dutchman (live)”.  Part two included, “Winter (live)”, “The Waitress (live)”, and “Here. In My Head (live)”.
Caught A Lite Sneeze Caught A Lite Sneeze

This single was released in two parts in the UK.  Part one included Silly Songs, “This Old Man”, “Hungarian Wedding Song”, and “Toodles Mr. Jim”. Part two had A Tribute to Chas and Dave, “London Girls”, “That’s What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song), and “Samurai”.  In the US, “Graveyard” was added to the Silly Songs.
Talula Talula

This was released in two parts in the UK. Part one included, The Tornado Mix, and BT’s Synethasia Mix, which would later appear on the US single.  Part two included, “Frog On My Toe”, “Sister Named Desire”, and “Alamo”.
Professional Widow Professional Widow

The US single included six different mixes; Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix, MK Mix, Just Da Funk Dub, MK Vampire Dub, Armand’s Instrumental, and Bonus Beats.  This single was targeted for club play.
Hey Jupiter Hey Jupiter

This US released single included, “Sugar (Live)”, “Honey (Live)”, “Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version Live)”, and Tori’s cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live)”.  Hey Jupiter was released as a single with Professional Widow in the UK.
In The Springtime of His Voodoo In The Springtime of His Voodoo

As the final single from Boys For Pele, Voodoo included four mixes, Hasbrouck Heights Single Mix, Hasbrouck Heights Club Mix, Quiet Mix, and Sugar Dub.
Silent All These Years RAINN Silent All These Years RAINN

Silent All These Years was contributed to the first RAINN Benefit cd to help the organization.  Tori was one of the founders and main spokespersons for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network)
Spark Spark

This was the first single off From The Choirgirl Hotel.  It included, “Purple People (Christmas in Space)”, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, and “Bachelorette”. Spark was also released as a UK Limited Edition which included the Steely Dan cover, “Do It Again”, and “Cooling”.
Jackie’s Strength Jackie’s Strength

The first release of the Jackie’s Strength single included, “Never Seen Blue” and “Beulah Land”.  Other single versions would follow containing additional mixes of Jackie’s Strength, including- Wedding Cake Club Mix, Once Rascal Dub #1, Wedding Cake Meltdown Mix, Bonus Beats and more. 
Cruel Cruel

This was the third single off of From The Choirgirl Hotel and included, “Raspberry Swirl (Lip Gloss Version)”, “Ambient Raspberry Swirl/Scarlet Spectrum Feels”, and “Mainline Cherry - Ambient Spark”.
Raspberry Swirl Raspberry Swirl

This single included three different versions, “The Lip Gloss Version”, “Sticky Extended Vocal Mix”, and “Scarlet Spectrum Feels”. 
1000 Oceans 1000 Oceans

This single was the first single from To Venus and Back and included, “Baker Baker (Live Non LP Version)”, and “Winter (Live Non LP Version)”,
Bliss Bliss

Bliss was the second single off of To Venus and Back and included, “Hey Jupiter (Live Non LP Track)”.
Glory of the 80’s Glory of the 80’s

Never released in the US, this was the third single off of To Venus and Back and included live versions of favorites like “Baker Baker” and “Winter”.
concertina concertina

The Concertina single included, “Famous Blue Raincoat (Live Non LP Version)” and “Twinkle (Live Non LP Version” and Tori’s final single off of To Venus and Back.
Strange Little Girl Strange Little Girl

This was the only single from her covers album, Strange Little Girls.  It included the tracks, “After All” and “Only Women Bleed”.