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Harp August 2007 Harp August 2007
August 2007

"I think the record is really trying to get women to willingly unmuzzle themselves.”
Tori in American Songwriter Tori in American Songwriter
July 2007

Tori Amos has been defying expectations since 1992’s Little Earthquakes. On the pianist & songwriter’s latest album, American Doll Posse, she adopts the persona of five fictional women.
Rolling Stone:  Tori Amos Talks in Tongues Rolling Stone:  Tori Amos Talks in Tongues
July 2007

The mystical, enigmatic singer-songwriter discusses her new album and the anniversary of her debut
Performing Songwriter Performing Songwriter
November 2006

The first line of the first song on Tori Amos’ new box set A Piano says it all: “Look, I’m standing naked before you.”
Rag Magazine Rag Magazine
May 2005

Somehow, I felt that I had helped to make something happen - something I felt had been important since 1992, the first time I heard Little Earthquakes. I wanted everyone to experience the honest brilliance, depth and energy that Amos delivered with her songs. Hers were stories of hope, inspiration and self-realization - things that could affect people.
Bust Bust
March 2005

Famous Amos-- Crazy diamond Tori Amos shines on.  As Tori Amos gears up for a media onslaught with the release of a new book and new album, she lets us in on what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts on sex and feminism.
“Live At The Shaw Theatre” with Lucy O’Brian “Live At The Shaw Theatre” with Lucy O’Brian
November 2003

Some have paved ways and women before me have taken their machetes in the jungle.  Parts of the jungle that are not so traversed.  Like Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell.  Other off-shoots, such as Alanis Morrisette and Fiona Apple have made their own path.  You honor the women before you and after you.
Hot Tickets Hot Tickets

Tori talks about her daughter, Natashya, a run in with border gaurds, and her album “Strange Little Girls.”
Spin Magazine 1996 Spin Magazine 1996
March 1996

If you think Tori Amos is just another New Age flower poet, wait till you meet the furious girl inside.  Francesca Lia Block talks faeries, boys, and pudding with pop music�s reigning goddess.
The Network Forty The Network Forty
July 1992

Her album is Little Earthquakes and the title fits, with songs and they way she sings them bouncing around like a fierce Wimbledon volley to the point where lyrics do away with punctuation.  But trying to figure out where commas and periods should go would be impossible anyway.  Her opinions have no leash - and as long as you don't name names - she'll put parents, teachers, lovers, bosses, politicians, and preachers all in their places.  She is Tori Amos, and if soul, spirit, and originality were the only requirements, she'd already be #1 on the charts.
American Way American Way
July 2007

"I’m obsessed with women’s stories,” says Tori Amos, “how they’ve been able to negotiate what their place is at the roundtable.”
MTV News MTV News
April 2007

Tori Amos Forms Anti-Bush Posse By Mutating Into Greek Goddesses. ‘As a woman, I needed to stand up,’ singer/songwriter says.
Out Magazine Out Magazine
March 2006

In outtakes from our exclusive interview with Tori Amos, the alt-rock goddess talks about her new collection of music videos, Fade to Red.
Keyboard Magazine Keyboard Magazine
July 2005

Starting with her 1992 debut record Little Earthquakes (Atlantic), Tori has been widely regarded as one of the most innovative, evocative, and downright gutsy songwriters in American popular music, as well as one of its most charismatic performers, piano-focused or otherwise.
Vogue Vogue
May 2005

The sight of music divas posing runwayside, or even presenting their own collections, is almost a humdrum occurrence these days.  But something else happened at Vikto & Rolf: The audience, tired and jaded after three weeks on the fashion trail, turned up to be surprised by a manic piece of performance art by Tori Amos.
Women Who Rock Women Who Rock

This was the Jan/Feb issue.
Spin 2001 Spin

Taking shots at male violence, the gun lobby, and Eminem, Tori Amos has made an unlikely covers record - a cross between Sybil and Quadrophenia.  She's also made a beautiful child.  A house call with rock's avenging babymama.
Spin Spin

Tori Amos inspires an almost religious devotion among her fans, who build totems in her image and covet her castoffs as relics.  How can a goddess show her love without bleeding herself dry?
Keyboard Magazine Keyboard Magazine
September 1992

Armed with provocative songs, a haunting voice, and an approach to the piano that got her kicked out of music school, Tori Amos launches a sneak attack on the pop charts.